Hack'n'Tell IoT: Done

On April 9, 2016 we held Hack'n'Tell IoT, our branded meet-and-mix event focused on knowledge sharing. Our previous two events addressed trends and best practices pertaining to certain technologies (JavaScript and PHP), and this one was dedicated to the Internet of Things that's currently gaining momentum.

Among our speakers were:

  • Intersog's CEO & Co-Founder Igor Fedulov
  • Our senior software engineers Igor Rolinskiy and Andrey Leschinin (Intersog's eHealth + IoT projects)
  • Alexander Kovalenko, Co-Founder & software engineer at Megadevices
  • Sergey Skok, Commercial Director at Mechatronics & AgroMonitor

We discussed interesting and thought-provoking IoT solutions, both popular and available in the market and those that are only gaining traction. And we were greatly impressed with a successful business case of AgroMonitor, a smart agriculture startup from Odessa.

Check out Hack'n'Tell IoT presentations and video and see images on our FB page.

Stay tuned with Intersog!


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